01 July, 2024

I’ve got a notion


Hello from Minnesota! I’m Halle of Halle’s Hobbies. I am thrilled to be asked to host this month here at Art Journal Journey. It's been awhile since I was able to take part so I am thankful for the opportunity to host again.

My theme “I’ve got a notion” is a bit tongue in cheek and has a wide variety of interpretations. I LOVE sewing and incorporating stitching and other traditional supplies into my artwork. When I was coming up with my theme I did a quick brainstorm of items I thought would for sure qualify a journal page to the theme. I came up with any sort of stitching (real or faux), buttons, lace, fabric, yo-yos, sewing pattern paper, snaps, hooks, measuring tape…you get the picture. Anything you might find in a sewing room. Embroidery and cross stitch as well. 



I’ve always thought that sewing is like painting with thread. I’m excited to see where you muse takes you! Thanks for playing along!!


Don't forget the Dreaded Rules, if this is your first visit.