01 December, 2021

When one door closes, another one opens

 Hi Everybody, Valerie here !

Today we are starting our new challenge,when one door closes another one opens. Doors are often something which we take for granted. We go in and out and rarely think about them. Doors protect us, doors lead us to new places, they are sometimes beautiful, and sometimes old and shabby. It's always exciting to go through a door, or portal into a new place we haven't visited. At this time of year many of us open a door every day in an advent calendar. We visit friends, and go through the door and see  what's waiting for us inside. And figuratively,  we close one door and open another at the end of the year on New Year's Eve. For this challenge, anything with doors is welcome. You can make a scene of whatever is inside or outside the door. Show us anything to do with doors, nice or shabby ones you may have seen, doors decorated for Christmas or your advent calendar, there are so many possibilities. So open the door to your creativity and have fun!

Don't forget to check the Dreaded Rules.  We have changed them to accept mini journals and small art.  We still do NOT allow cards or tags.