01 November, 2022

Collage Fodder, Food and Drink, or Both


This month, Bleubeard and I, Elizabeth are hosting Art Journal Journey.  As always, you can find us at https://alteredbooklover.blogspot.com.  In case you are new here, we are two of the administrators of this blog.  However, we have had our first ever disagreement about theme. Bleubeard wants Collage Fodder and I want Food and Drink. No matter how much each of us tried to prove our point, we were still deadlocked. That's when we decided to use both themes this month. Chose one, chose both, chose to combine the two as we did, but please join us with your take on Collage Fodder, Food and Drink, or both.

I realize a lot of people on Instagram and Facebook are members of a Collage Fodder Group.  However, we are a blog only site and DO NOT ACCEPT links from either Instagram or Facebook.  Blog links only, please.




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