01 October, 2023

In Gear

Are you ready for the ‘off’?  Better get your art stuff  'in gear’ then because that is the title of the next challenge.  Hi, it’s Neet again from Hickydorums and I must have wanted to do some Steampunking again when I chose this for my challenge. 

But … it doesn’t stop there if you think about it - all kinds of machinery has gears, so you could include different modes of transport  -  sometimes we tell people to ‘get your brain in gear’ and if you think about it, especially if you live over in the UK people sometimes refer to what they are wearing as ‘their gear’ (eg I used to wear trendy gear but it looked ridiculous).  So I hope that has given you some ideas where you might go with this challenge and I hope you can think of lots of things where you can be ‘in gear’.  See you over at Art Journal Journey, I hope for a fun month.

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