01 March, 2016

03 / 2016 **** If You Go Down To The Woods****

Hi everyone, I’m Chris, known to most as Pearshapedchris and I am hosting this time 

with  my theme – If You Go Down To The Woods

First, I must say how honoured I was to be asked by Valerie and Susi to be a host at AJJ and after a few moments of panic I accepted. The idea behind this theme is what you might see in the woods, so of course that does include trees, birds and woodland flowers, (not long before the carpets of daffodils are followed by bluebells), but my main thoughts are of songs, animals and fairy tales (if you have seen the fabulous film – Into The Woods – you may get the idea – although I don’t know how Cinderella ended up there!)
 As for me I have been crafting pretty much all my life although I only began to appreciate just how much I had learned from my Mum a few years ago – too late to tell her. I love using stamps, as well as experimenting with almost anything crafty. My greatest joy is playing in any one of my journals.
I hope you will enjoy this theme and look forward to seeing where your woodland walks take you!

 Diesen Monat hat Chris von Pearshapedchris unser Thema gewählt und das Beispiel für uns gearbeitet.

heißt es diesmal! Denkt an die vielen Tiere des Waldes, die Blumen, die Bäume und all die Assoziationen dazu - auch Lieder und Märchen. Chris fand zum Beispiel den Disney-Film
 --INTO THE WOODS-- fabelhaft. 
Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf Eure Ideen und Umsetzungen!
Viel Spaß ! 

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  1. ein wunderschönes Thema wieder... ob ich es diesmal schaffe? ich sollte mal wieder was mit papier machen...

  2. Love your hostess sample Chris and the great theme

    Love Chrtissie xx

  3. Great theme, Chris, with lots of possibilities. Love your painting too with the girl in red and the dark forest looking on.

  4. Great idea! And I like all of the entries up to now.

    And look what crossed my way today? Coincidence or kismet? ;)

  5. Thanks for challenge :)

    HERE is my entry.

    Thanks for looking :)

  6. wonderful theme Chris and I love your woodland page!

  7. A great theme Chis, its fantastic inspiration page.

  8. Persuaded by Chris to jump into the woods! I will be around to visit everyone later...a busy day ahead. Even though there are no 'woodsy' images on my linked page, Chris says the quote qualifies! Love your painting Chris...really conveys the enormity of the forest trees with the little red riding hood figure. Nature is bigger than all of us...

  9. Chris this piece of yours is super and thanks for a wonderful theme, it's such fun sharing here!

  10. interesting sharing Chris liked your theme so much have a nice day

  11. Wonderful theme, Chris!

    I've never played along before, but recognize many names here, hello, everyone!


  12. Lovely theme and work Chris! Just added mine and so glad I found this challenge :)


We are thrilled you visited and always look forward to your journal art.