01 April, 2021

Inspired By


Happy April everyone.

This month Eileen, from The Artful Crafter's blog, was supposed to be our host. She picked Inspired By as her theme. I know she was excited and working on some art for this challenge before her heart surgery because she left some big hints in a T Day post about being ready for an April art commitment. 

Unfortunately, as many of you probably know, Eileen didn't make it through the surgery and recovery process. It's still a really sad thing, so we admins at Art Journal Journey decided to honor her by keeping her theme this month.  Chris, also known as Pearshapedcrafting and I, Erika, also known as BioArtGal will both be hosting this month.

Hi, Chris here, you may remember how generous Eileen was in sharing her art secrets. She also started sharing aspects of her life in Mexico through her pictoral journal diaries.
She would always make a reference to the weather, there weren't many cloudy days, and she used to put a sun, some stencilled but mostly drawn so my page is full of sunshine, some copied from Eileens pages.

We're sure Eileen's spirit will be a part of your art this month. Share your inspired art with us. You may be inspired by someone or something from your life. You may be inspired by your dreams. Whatever inspires you, we'd love you to share your art journaling with us.


  1. Thanks to Chris and Erika for this month to honor Eileen as a person and her art. I am sad and at the same time I am happy to see your beautiful art here again.
    So I dedicate this month to Eileen.
    I wish you all a happy Easter and a creative month everyone, Elke

  2. This is so touching... what a beautiful way to honor your friend Chris and Erika. Her art is so sunny and beautiful.

  3. Beautiful way to honor Eileen. I am so thrilled you did this! Wonderful idea!!!! I can't wait to make something and will definitely do something inspired by her! Hugz

  4. great challenge , congrats , hugs from Chile

  5. I'm so pleased that both Erika and Chris stepped up to co-host this month. And to keep Eileen's theme shows how much we at AJJ respected her art.

  6. Happy April and Easter holidays everyone!
    Thanks for the touching challenge dear hosts xx

  7. Two beautiful tributes to Eileen's wonderful art ladies! She picked the perfect theme too.
    Happy April and Easter to you all,
    Alison xx

  8. this is beautiful thank you for honoring Eileen's theme

  9. I wanted so much to make a tribute to Eileen that I completely forgot that AJJ does not accept cards. Thank you Erika, Elizabeth and Chris for reminding it to me. Kisses, my friends, and soon I will join again with a new project.

  10. A wonderful theme, and a lovely way to honor Eileen as well. Thank you Erika nd Chris for cohosting in Eileen's memory. Beautiful art!

  11. What a wonderful way to honor Eileen and keep her memory alive. I was so very sad to read about her death. Thank you, Erika and Chris for co-hosting this month's meaningful challenge.

  12. This is beautiful! Happy spring

  13. How terribly sad but a wonderful way to honor Eileen..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  14. Keeping Eileen's theme is a lovely way to honour her memory, Thank you Erika and Chris for co-hosting.

  15. Such a super challenge, it has got me firing on all cylinders.

  16. It’s so sad Eileen has left this earth, we will honour her in our work, such beautiful work here today,

  17. Two beautiful pages and great challenge, what a wonderful way to honor Eileen.
    Tammy x

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