01 January, 2017

Tell me a story

Hi Everybody!

Happy New Year to you all, we wish you all
health and happiness.

Erika is hosting our first challenge this year,
so without further ado I give you
the lovely Erika:

Erika N here. Many of you know me from my blog name- BioArtGal. I am a long time high school biology teacher who lives in the northeastern US state of New Hampshire, and I blog a lot about art, my family (that includes my hubby and my 25 year old daughter), my 2 dogs,my love of baking, reading, photography, travels and other mostly small adventures in my life.

This month my AJJ theme is a twist on a phrase that we say in the US (not sure about other places, so whether this is a universal phrase or not, I don't know). The saying is "Every picture tells a story" and I am switching it up to  "Every journal page tells a story".  I think we  tell stories all the time, whether we talk about books we've read, movies we've watched, or told someone about an adventure we've had during our day, Our stories come from our past and things we find interesting in our present. Sometimes we even tell stories about our dreams for the future. We describe people we know, those we wish we could meet  or maybe  have just met.  Our stories are often non-fiction, but they can be fiction too. So this month I want to "see" your stories and hopefully get to read a little bit about them too.

My page today is the title page to my "story" book  journal I'll be sharing with you this month. It started with some paper printed with typed letters. I created the typewriter using a die, some paint and some randomly stamped images on the typed page. Then I added the fun images which are cut out of an old FLOW magazine, and added a little glitter and some stickers to finish off the page.

And PLEASE remember to take a look at the rules, and to act on them, 
that's what they are there for! Hope to see lots of you joining in
this month!

Unser erstes Monatsthema 

  Erzähl mir eine Geschichte

hat Erika vom Blog BioArtGal ausgesucht. 
Obige Seite hat sie als Beispiel für uns gearbeitet.
Wir erleben ja  täglich unsere eigenen Geschichten, oder denk an Romane, Filme, Erlebnisse von Freunden, Verwandten oder Geschichten, die wir erträumen - ein sehr offenes Thema also.
Erika freut sich schon darauf "Geschichten" auf Deinen Journalseiten  zu "sehen" und hoffentlich auch ein wenig darüber "lesen" zu können.

Denk bitte an die Regeln und halte Dich daran. Wir freuen uns schon wieder sehr darauf Deine Arbeiten zu sehen und Deinen Blog zu besuchen. 


  1. A wonderful theme Erika and a great start with the journal cover. Can't wait to see what people make for this challenge. Off to think of something right now.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. What a super theme, Erika, just up my street.
    Looking forward to making something and also seeing the art of others.
    Your own sample here is just so perfect for the theme.

  3. Its a super theme Erika and a wonderful inspiration piece.
    Will get thinking.

  4. Sweet cover and wonderful idea. Happy New Year.

  5. Great theme Erika!!! Hopefully I'll manage to participate more with the group this month and year. Instead of choosing a word for this year I chose a phrase. "BE MORE-DO MORE"

  6. Gutes Thema Erika und eine schöne Seite zur Inspiration. Danke!

  7. A great theme Erika and I love your Tell me A Story art piece with it's magic sparkles and sweet fairy, beautifully made!

  8. love your page Erika and a such a wonderful way to start the new year!

  9. Thank you for the challenge. Lovely title page. I have added my journal page.

  10. Wonderful theme Erika with a super inspiration page too!
    Happy New Year! oxo

  11. Brilliant theme and at last a chance to join in! Chrisx

  12. Yvonne has invited me to join in this month, my first time here. Thank you!

  13. Wirklich ein tolles Thema! Und so ein süsses Bild von Erika mit der Schreibmaschine! Echt zum Träumen ;) ♥ Conny http://piaromsartjournaling.blogspot.de

  14. Sounds very interesting! Your cover is pretty.


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